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What the Swimmers Say

“When I started Liam’s Swim Smart Programme I was swimming 100meters in 1min.23sec and taking 110 strokes after the first six weeks I have reduced my time for 100m to 1.13 sec and reduced the number of strokes to 90” -  Tom Brendan O Connor - (Triathlete)

“In the first six weeks Liam’s “Swim Smart Programme” has helped me swim faster with less effort by reducing my stroke count, improved my swimming efficiency and speed with less effort”. – Donal Fitzgibbon - (Sea Swimmer)

“As a self-taught swimmer I came to Liam’s “Swim Smart Programme” and during that time I have reduced my 100m time by 12 sec and reduced the number of strokes required by over 25 strokes in 100m” - Niamh Murphy (Masters Swimmer)

“As a Triathlete Liam’s knowledge and attention to detail and commitment to his programme must be admired his programme has improved my swimming and understanding of optimum threshold training pace” - Cathy Fisher (Triathlete)


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