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The "Swim Smart Programme" has been designed for both complete beginners through to advanced swimmers. The programme has been designed by Liam Bohan who is a Level 3 Coach / Teacher and Tutor. Trained as a Swimming Teacher, Coach and Tutor in Ireland the UK and in the US Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs Liam brings an amount of experience and knowledge with him nowhere else to be found in the country.


Liam is a level 3 Swim Teacher / Coach and Tutor a qualified Life Coach, a former Multi National Swimming Champion, a former National Record Holder and Founder and  coach of:

* Limerick Swimming Training Squad ’81-’83

* Kingdom Swimming Club ’83-’01

* Kingdom Swimming Masters Club ‘84-89,

* NAC Swim Team '03-05

* Munster Swimming Coach ‘87-’95

Liam is currently Head Coach and Founder Of Celtic Waves Swim Team based in Limerick and Clare. and also has had the privilege of coaching many National and International Swimming Stars. Liam is also Head Coach to Limerick Masters Swim Team who train out of UL and Grove Island. 

Private Beginners Lessons

The "Beginners Swim Smart Programme" is designed to personalise the Learning to Swim Experience to suit the individual needs of the beginner in a progressive manner, using the skills and knowledge amassed by Liam Bohan over decades of involvement in swimming. Liam would recommend a condensed programme of 5 sessions in order to overcome the necessary confidence to take their first swimming strokes.

Improver Swim Smart Programme

The “Improver Swim Smart Programme” has been designed by Liam Bohan as a means for individuals to improve their swimming and consists of an individual assessments with specific drills to improve the individuals swimming efficiency and concludes with a final assessment and measure of progress made. The Programme is ideally suited for those wishing to complete a specific event faster with less effort using one of three methods by improving stroke effectiveness and mechanical efficiency. The Programme has been endorsed by a number of swimmers who have already participated in the programme

Advanced Swim Smart Programme

The "Advanced Swim Smart Programme" is for competitive or swimmers wishing to compete to win and looks at the finer points of swimming such as stroke rates, DPS, Stroke index, turn time etc. Liam is the only person in the country to use the technology needed to assess the finer points of swimming that will identify such fine measurements as you swim. However, it is not the technology alone which Liam brings to the table but his experience in the assessment of the results from a lifetime of competing and coaching at the highest level.

Liam will be running a condensed series of pool sessions with seminars and workshops for Triathletes / Masters / Adult Swimmers in both Kerry and Limerick throughout the year. As numbers are limited you are asked to complete the attached "Expression of Interest" application by clicking here and submit form and return to

Details of next available Swim Smart Clinic for Triathletes / Masters / Adult Swimmers Click Here

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