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Classes/Courses/Lessons Available

A Skill for Life!
Whatever your Reason
Learning to Swim, Training to Complete, Training to Compete, Training to Win
Train for Success with the Best!

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Private Learn to Swim Lessons

The best resources you can have is an experienced and knowledgeable Swim Teacher / Coach, who can provide you with the greatest knowledge and skills from Fundamentals to Excellence in Swimming.


The qualities of a good swimming teacher help the great to stand out from the average. Swimming teaching and coaching are active and challenging roles demanding special skills and commitment.  Approved Swim Smart Teachers provide you with the necessary resource, knowledge and enthusiasm to provide you or your child the best opportunity to succeed and achieve your goal of:

*Learning to swim
*Learning to complete
*Learning to compete

Kindly note: Entrance pool fee for non-members to the facility in addition to Instruction fee must be paid at reception. Enquire at reception about Full Membership.

1:1 - €20 for each class or for a Group of 6 Private Lessons €100 
1:2 - €35 for each class or for a Group of 6 Private Lessons €150
1:3 - €50 for each class or for a Group of 6 Private Lessons €200


Individual Monthly Training Sessions



This is a unique yet limited offer to a maximum number of swimmers to avail of up to 3 pool sessions on line / week or 12 over a 1 month period together with a skype session once a week with Liam Bohan (one of the most respected swim coaches in the country) to discuss your programme and provide you with constant feedback on a weekly basis. As this is a limited offer to a certain number of swimmers the programme is restricted to swimmers who can swim 400m in under 8min. Sessions can designed to suit ability level and available time schedule of the swimmer. From Beginner through to Advanced through to Competitive Swimmer.

You will be given 3 sessions a week on a monthly basis (12 in total each month) at a level to suit your particular ability level and standard. This together with a weekly Zoom call with Liam on a weekly basis to discuss your training, programme or issues you might be having with your swimming. For swimmers on the Annual Plan it will include 4 visits / year to view your sessions and advise in relation to stroke technique.

The monthly cost of this service is €100 / month or €1,000 annually (includes 2 visits  / year to your pool to observe and analysis your sessions). As the programme develops other coaches will be brought on board to provide this service alongside Liam. In order to qualify for this programme you should complete the attached form (Click Here) and forward direct to 

The sessions will be devised with the aim of achieving your goal in a progressive manner with weekly zoom conference to discuss to ensure the goals set have been attained. In addition annual members will also have on site visit to your pool to observe and analysis your stroke and sessions with 2 visits / year by the coach - one within the first month and the other at 6 months.

Annual Members will also have reduced rates on our overseas training camps starting in 2024.


Basic Stroke Assessment

Ideally suited for those individuals who wish to improve their swimming efficiency and speed. The assessment consists of a documented detailed report done  on specific areas of the stroke, the identification of areas of improvement with relevant drills for improvement. The areas covered in this assessment include:

  • Breathing Pattern

  • Body Position

  • Arm Action

  • Leg Action

  • Timing

  • Streamlining 

  • Balance

  • Flow

  • Areas of Work Required

  • Where appropriate threshold training paces

  • Appropriate Drills for improvement

This stroke assessment is fundamental for those wishing to make improvements in their swimming and also forms part of the Advanced Stroke Assessment. (See Sample Here). The cost of this Basic Stroke Assessment is €30 but does not include the cost of pool entry.

Swimming coach advising swimmer in pool.
Swimming Pool

Individual Advanced Stroke Assessment

This is an intensive 1 hr session for aspiring Triathletes, Master Swimmers or Competitive Swimmers and consists of a comprehensive documented assessment of the individuals stroke. The assessment takes  into account and provides measurements on:

  • Full Basic Stroke Assessment plus 

  • Splits

  • Distance Per Stroke

  • Stroke Rate

  • Athlete Comparison

  • Set Comparison

  • Time Underwater

  • Breath Count

  • Push Off Strength

  • Turn Time

  • Stroke Index

  • Access to Motion Analysis

  • Excel/SAR Export (Click here to See Report)

This assessment uses computer technology not yet used in this country and provides the swimmer with the necessary measurements to compare him or her self to some of the best swimmers in the world. For swimmers wishing to avail of this service.

The initial cost of this service is €150 with future further follow up assessments at €100  but does not include the cost of travel to your pool if outside of Tralee / Killarney or Limerick where we plan to hold regular sessions. Ask about our overseas Packages available for Clubs.

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