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Advanced Stroke Assessment

This is an intensive 1 hr session for aspiring Triathletes, Master Swimmers or Competitive Swimmers and consists of a comprehensive documented assessment of the individuals stroke. The assessment takes  into account and provides measurements on:

  • Splits

  • Distance Per Stroke

  • Stroke Rate

  • Athlete Comparison

  • Set Comparison

  • Time Underwater

  •  Breath Count

  • Push Off Strength

  • Turn Time

  • Stroke Index

  • Excel/SAR Export (See Report)

  • Access to Motion Analysis

  • Assessment on Body Position

  • Arm Action

  • Kick

This assessment uses computer technology not yet used in this country and provides the swimmer with the necessary measurements to compare him or her self to some of the best swimmers in the world.


The initial cost of this service is €150 with future further assessments at €100  but does not include the cost of travel to your pool if outside of the Munster Area where we have regular assessment sessions planned. 

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