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“Swim Smart Programme”

For Triathletes, Masters Swimmers and Competitive Swimmers

Banna Beach Leisure Centre 

10-week intensive course and 1hr swimming session each Wednesday from

7am-8am from 4th October  – 13th December 2023

Banna Beach Leisure Club in association with one of Irelands most respected and leading Swim Coach, Liam Bohan, are running a 10 week “Swim Smart” programme for Triathletes and Masters Swimmers.

  • Acclaimed by former Technical Director of USA swimming as a person with “unlimited energy and scientific base of knowledge”.

  • A former multinational title holder and national record holder Liam is currently head coach to Limerick Masters and Celtic Waves Swim Club and brings with him over 40 years of coaching experience and coach to many national and international swimming stars.

  • Liam is regarded as one of the top swimming coaches in the country and has a unique approach that will provide you with the best opportunity to achieve your goal by making your stroke more efficient and effective

The programme will consist of a 10-week intensive course and include handouts in relation more effective effective swimming 1hr swimming session each Wednesday from 7am-8am from 4th October  – 13th December 2023

Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 12 individuals and include:

  • Individual Stroke Analysis and Video Analysis

  • Stroke Clinic on all 4 Strokes

  • Understanding the Biomechanics of Swimming

  • Understanding Energy Metabolisms and Training Impact

  • Assessing and Testing improvement Levels over the programme

  • Understanding 3 ways of swimming faster

  • Understand the 5s in swimming and how to train each system

  • Understanding Stroke Rate, Distance per Stroke, SWOLF analysis and Intervariable Cycle etc

  • Recognising the difference between Indoor and Outdoor swimming

  • How to devise a Swim Training Programme for you

  • Understanding of Htperlasis and Hypertrophy Weight Training

This is a limited programme and will not be repeated with limited numbers.

For further details contact: Banna Beach Leisure Centre on

066-7134842 or email

Or contact Liam direct through or at

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